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Meet Dayane Araujo

Intuitive 8, led by Dayane Araujo, is a community and set of tools derived from ancient wisdom for women. If you're seeking intuitive guidance and looking for answers or looking to reconnect with your essence, life purpose, intuition, prosperity, learn the tarot and become a reader, then Intuitive 8 is created specifically for you. 

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Her Story

Dayane Araujo is an intuitive and empowerment coach who helps women find purpose, personal power, reconnect with their higher selves and develop their own intuition. A tarot teacher now, Dayane started her intuitive business in 2018 to help people in their healing journey, finding direction, freedom and purpose in their lives. ⁠

Prior to coaching, Dayane spent over 10 years as a teacher, dancer, singer, actress, and model. In 2015, she opened her first business and travelled over 80 cities and 5 states in the U.S. while planning, teaching, producing and performing circus, dance, and theatre arts for youth and families.⁠

A free spirit born and raised in Brazil, she has also had the opportunity to travel almost every state within her home country as well as other countries in North and South America. ⁠

She has lived in Peru while doing plant medicine training and work with Shamans. Dayane assisted them while caring for and assisting patients during their healing sessions. 6 months later, she was given the blessings by her Shaman and Mentor to perform a plant healing ceremony on her own. She performed her very first plant healing ceremony with 3 patients in Brazil that same year.⁠

Dayane has also resided in Maui for over a year where she moved to connect more with nature, plants and their medicinal properties, while studying herbalism and working with medicine making she had the opportunity to join a Hula Hālau and learn more about the Hawaiian Culture while learning dance, sacred chants, traditions and history. ⁠

Today Dayane offers a wide range of intuitive coaching programs and services - from 1:1 coaching, to webinars and workshops helping women uncover their purpose and navigate through their unique journey and life lessons. ⁠


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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